Marriage Ceremony


Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable exciting and happiest days of your life!
When you do choose me to be a part of your special day, you not only acquire my service as a celebrant you also gain a friend.

I have been told I have a very warm calming relaxed presence and it is always so nice to hear a couple say they are so excited to meet me.

Through extensive emails and phone calls I shall guide you through the formal legal requirements and help you create a personal ceremony for you to cherish.
I shall endeavour to make sure your wedding day is unforgettable

Legal Requirements


The current Marriage Act requires that a Notice Of Intended Marriage MUST be lodged with the solemnising celebrant a MINIMUM of one calendar month before your marriage can take place.
You will also require the following supporting documentation


  • Original certificate of birth
    (This may be an Extract or Full Certificate) officially translated into English.

If a birth certificate is not obtainable an OVERSEAS Passport (The Australian Government will accept an Australian Passport for this purpose)

  • If you have been previously married, the Decree Absolute or Divorce Certificate

  • If you are a widow or widower, the Death Certificate of your late spouse

  • If you have changed your name by "Deed Poll or Change of Name certificate" evidence of this.

       Renewal of Vows


When marriage vows are renewed, it is an announcement to the world and to each other that the love which was brought to the wedding day has grown deeper through the years.
There are many reasons that couples choose to renew their vows:

  • A milestone of their marriage 20th, 30th 40th, 50th  anniversary

  • Their first wedding was rushed and they would like the wedding they wished they had

  • Celebrating each other’s love for each other and bringing energy back into the relationship again.

  • Couples who have been recently married where family and friends are unable to attend


If you are holding your ceremony on a island or going through a package with a coordination service, my fee is usually included within this package.

If you are designing and creating your own unassisted. Please feel free to contact me obligation FREE.
I am happy to give you a call to speak with you about what I have to offer and help you create a memorable day.

   Commitment Ceremony


A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples.
The purpose of the Ceremony is to make a public declaration of life-long commitment, Signifying a show of love and dedication.
The occasion can be shared with family and friends or the ceremony can be held in private without guests.

A Commitment Ceremony does NOT have any legal implications and does not provide you with any legal rights or responsibilities, hence there is no formal paperwork and no waiting time.



Weddings in themselves are an ancient ritual, shrouded in traditions and meaningful symbols.
By incorporating an additional ritual throughout your ceremony they provide you with an opportunity to express a deeper and more creative and even more memorable moment. 
The beauty of a Ritual enables you to ask others to Participate for example you may like to conduct a blending of colored sands Involving children, symbolizing a family work of art. There are many types of rituals and I am more than happy to help you create one that is unique and yours to cherish. 

© 2015 By Donna Fornasiero Marriage Celebrant

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